Après dix ans de carrière et six albums studio, le duo écossais Arab Strap vient d’annoncer brutalement sa séparation.

Voici le communiqué d’Aidan Moffatet et Malcolm Middleton paru sur lur site Internet :

«After ten years, six studio albums, three live albums and all manner of everything else, we’ve decided the story should come to a close. There’s no animosity, no drama, we simply feel we’ve run our course and The Last Romance seems to us the most obvious and logical final act of the Arab Strap studio adventure. Everybody likes a happy ending!»

Une compilation anniversaire devrait paraître le 23 octobre, sous le titre TEN YEARS OF TEARS: AN AUDIO ROCKUMENTARY!. L’objet contient des raretés, remixes, des titres en concert, des sessions radio et bien sûr leurs classiques.

Audio Rockumentary track listing :

Preface: Set the Scene

Islands (original 1995 demo)

The First Big Weekend

Gilded (live, from band’s first gig)

Lded (live from first gig)

I Saw You (John Peel seesion)
The Clearing (single version)

Packs of Three (acoustic in studio 2006)

(Afternoon) Soaps

Rocket, Take Your Turn (from the Fukd ID EP)

To All a Good Night

Turbulence (Bis remix radio edit)

The Shy Retirer

Blood (Live 2004)

If There’s No Hope For us (rogue version)

Where We’ve Left Our Love

The Girl I Loved Before I Fucked (full band version)

Oxytocin (band’s first recording)

There Is No Ending (7-inch edit)