Pour rendre un dernier hommage au regretté Jack Rose, décédé le 5 décembre dernier, Thrill Jockey propose sur son site une compilation à télécharger, intitulée Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose. Le label, chez qui le guitariste américain venait tout juste de signer et d’enregistrer l’excellent Luck in the Valley, a compilé pas moins de 41 morceaux joués par des musiciens proches du guitariste ou inspirés par son oeuvre. La liste ci-dessous suffira, sans nul doute, à convaincre les amateurs du genre d’acquérir ce remarquable album dont les recettes seront directement reversées à la famille du défunt.

VA – Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose (Thrill Jockey, 2010)

Track Listing :

1. D. Charles Speer – What’s That?
2. Six Organs Of Admittance – Drinking With Jack
3. Charlie Parr & Mike Gangloff – This World Is Not My Home
4. Chris Forsyth – (Now I’m A Pharmacist) Boogie
5. Cian Nugent – Fresh As A Rose
6. Nathan Bowles – Charlie’s Pontoon
7. James Toth, Kerry Kennedy and Jason Meagher – The Time Machine
8. Hans Chew – The Heart Is Deceitful
9. Luther Dickinson – Blind Lemon And The Hook Man
10. Danny Paul Grody – Candle
11. Byron Coley with Son Of Earth – One For Jack
12. C Joynes – Bellwether
13. Hush Arbors- Seem’d Like
14. Jenks Miller – Small Song For JR
15. Pigeons – Wherever You Will
16. Bill Nace – Can You Give Me An E (One For Jack)
17. Steve Gunn – One For The Doctor
18. Coach Fingers – For
19. Alvarius B. – Nasty Plumage
20. Stuart Leslie Braithwaite – Song For Jack
21. Cath & Phil Tyler – Golden Ace / Courting Is A Pleasure
22. MV & EE – Flow My Ray
23. No Neck Blues Band – deczystd
24. Elisa Ambrogio – Old Airs
25. Langtry – One Bright Mile
26. lloyd Thayer – Lily In The Sun
27. Black Twig Pickers – Wild Horse Of Stony Point
28. Spectre Folk – Meet Me At The Bald Spot at 6pm
29. C Joynes – Broad Church Traveling
30. Un – Can Of Beans
31. Rick Tomlinson – Mahogany & Wine (Improvisation for Jack Rose)
32. Heather Leigh – Spangles Are Purple And Green
33. Bardo Pond – We Loved Him Madly
34. Zaika and Loren Connors – New York City
35. Nathan Bowles and Scott Verrastro – Dialogue Of The Bums
36. Spiral Joy Band – Whiskey On The Grave
37. Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Wedlock (Side 1)
38. Kohoutek – The Slumbering Alligator
39. Zaika and Paul Flaherty – New Haven
40. Pelt – Louisville Susurration
41. Joseph Mattson – a reading from the novel Empty The Sun