Enfin une bonne nouvelle qui nous arrive d’outre-atlantique : Les Feelies, légendaire formation rock alternative originaire du New Jersey, préparent leur quarante ans de carrière avec la parution d’un nouvel album.  Le successeur du très digne Here Before  (2011) s’intitulera In Between et sortira le 24 février chez Bar/None. On devrait y retrouver leur traditionnelle touche artisanale, l’album ayant été enregistré dans le home studio de Glenn Mercer.  Pas plus de détails pour le moment, mais voici un extract d’un entretien récent donné par Glenn Mercer et Bill Million pour Impose Magazine.

“On the new record we did a lot of it at my house in my home studio with extra equipment, explains Glenn Mercer. “It’s the same room where we rehearsed. We’ve been here since we reformed and a little bit prior to taking the hiatus in the 90’s. So it’s a room we’re really familiar with and feel comfortable in. We also did some recording at an engineer’s studio, so it was all done very low key. We refer to it as “off the clock” when you’re not paying an hourly rate, so in that sense it was a lot more relaxed. I don’t think anyone would notice a drastic change in the sound or the vibe of the record. I think it sounds a lot more relaxed and laid back.”

“I think all of our albums reflect a certain degree of reaction to the work that we previously did and In Between is no exception,” continues Bill Million. “We liked the sounds and the feel of the demos for this album and we thought it would be difficult to capture that in a recording studio. So that was our starting point and it evolved in a much more relaxed way that loaned itself to more creative interplay. Time wasn’t a component. If you let it, music can take on a life of its own and we wanted to allow the songs to develop with that idea in mind.”

Entretien: The Feelies, forever young