Cinq ans après le somptueux premier coffret G Stands for Go-Betweens couvrant la première période de leur carrière, les figures pop de Brisbane The Go-Betweens dévoilent le second volume, à paraître le 6 décembre. Il s’agit cette fois de leur période la plus emblématique, constituée du triplé gagnant Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express (1986),  Tallulah (1987),  16 Lovers Lane (1988). Ce dernier paraîtra chez Domino et contiendra cinq albums vinyles, plus cinq CDs et un beau livre de 112 pages.

L’objet contient notamment un double LP live d’un concert enregistré  au Town & Country Club de Londres en mai 1987. Tout aussi alléchant côté CDs, on y trouve notamment 28 démos enregistrées par McLennan et Forster pour le successeur de 16 Lovers Lane, avant la séparation du groupe en 1989 et dont certaines chansons figureront finalement sur leurs albums solo respectifs. Tracklisting ci-dessous et commande par ici.



LP 1: Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express
side A:
Spring Rain
The Ghost And The Black Hat
The Wrong Road
To Reach Me
Twin Layers Of Lightning
side B:
In The Core Of The Flame
Head Full Of Steam
Bow Down
Palm Sunday (On Board the SS Within)
Apology Accepted

LP 2: Tallulah
side A:
Right Here
You Tell Me
Someone Else’s Wife
I Just Get Caught Out
Cut It Out
side B:
The House That Jack Kerouac Built
Bye Bye Pride
Spirit Of A Vampyre
The Clarke Sisters
Hope Then Strife

LP 3: 16 Lovers Lane
side A:
Side One:
Love Goes On!
Quiet Heart
Love Is A Sign
You Can’t Say No Forever The Devil’s Eye
side B:
Streets Of Your Town
Was There Anything I Could Do?
I’m Allright
Dive For Your Memory

LP 4: Fountains Of Youth
side A:
Bye Bye Pride
Unkind And Unwise
Part Company
The House That Jack Kerouac Built
side B:
The Clarke Sisters
This Girl, Black Girl
Don’t Call Me Gone
When People Are Dead
Your Turn My Turn
side C:
Cut It Out
You Tell Me
Head Full Of Steam
Right Here
Man O’ Sand To Girl O’ Sea
side D:
Apology Accepted
Spring Rain
Eight Picture

CD 1: The Devil Is In Your Dress
1. In The Core Of A Flame
2. Living The Life At Hand
3. To Reach Me
4. Grandfather Slow
5. Spring Rain
6. Head Full Of Steam
7. Wrong Road Round
8. Don’t Let Him Come Back
9. Reunion Dinner
10. Little Joe
11. The Life At Hand
12. Casanova’s Last Words
13. I Work In A Health Spa

CD 2: Run From Him
1. I Know What I Like
2. You Tell Me
3. Do It Like The Devil Did
4. Together At Last
5. Cut It Out
6. Easier Said Than Done
7. The House That Jack Kerouac Built
8. Right Here
9. Someone Else’s Wife
10. The Clarke Sisters
11. Bye Bye Pride
12. I Just Get Caught Out
13. A Little Romance
14. When People Are Dead
15. Don’t Call Me Gone
16. Time In The Desert
17. Doo Wop in ‘A’ (Bam Boom)

CD 3: Trying To Be A Strong Person
1. Wait Until June
2. The Devil’s Eye
3. I’m Allright
4. Was There Anything I Could Do?
5. You Won’t Find It Again
6. Love Is A Sign
7. Love Goes On!
8. Dive For Your Memory
9. Apples In Bed
10. Clouds
11. Head Over Heels
12. Casanova’s Last Words
13. You Can’t So No Forever
14. Quiet Heart
15. Wait Until June
16. Casanova’s Last Words
17. Rock and Roll Friend
18. Mexican Postcard
19. Rock and Roll Friend
20. Dive For Your Memory
21. Quiet Heart
22. Clouds
23. Love Goes On

CD 4/5: Loving Shocks

CD 4:
1. Dear Black Dream
2. Danger in The Past
3. Easy Come Easy Go
4. Broadway Bride
5. I Love You Still
6. What You Call Change
7. Open Invitation
8. You Can Dream About Tomorrow
9. I’ve Been Looking For Somebody
10. Outlaw #1
11. Haunted House
12. Sally’s Revolution Blues

CD 5:
1. Just Get That Straight
2. The Days My Eyes Came Back
3. Running The Risk Of Ever Losing You
4. It Had To Me
5. Signs Of Life
6. How I Wish This War Was Over
7. Art Cinema
8. Nowhere By Any Other Name
9. No Peace In The Palace
10. Here They Come
11. Child Of God
12. The Man Who Died Of Rapture
13. House of Snakes
14. All The Time
15. Send Him Back Home
16. What Goes Up Must Come Down