Robert Pollard, le leader des désormais défunts Guided By Voices multipliera les projets en 2005. Outre une rumeur d’une composition de B.0 d’un film porno soft, Pollard continuera de sortir via son propre label et site web Rockathon Records des rééditions des albums mythiques et autres EPs rares de son groupe fétiche, sans oublier ses autres projets solo et annexes.

En voici la (très) liste :

-Pollard solo single « Zoom » disponible en 7″ vinyl et CD single sur Fading Captain, (Février 28 online / Avril 11 retail)

-Limited colored vinyl LP release of GBV’s 1986 Forever Since Breakfast at 1,000 copies (March 29 online / April 11 retail)

-« Post-punk » and « jagged » six-track EP from Moping Swans, a project including GBV’s Greg Demos (bass) and Jim MacPherson, and Pollard’s former metal bandmate Tony Conley (guitar) from pre-GBV act Anacrusis (9 mai)

Five, the fourth LP from Pollard’s Circus Devils project, produced by GBV-producer Todd Tobias (9 mai)

Pour cet été :

– Vinyl reissue of 1992 GBV album Propeller via Scat Records. The first hundred copies will be outfitted with the handmade cover design of the original release.

-CD premiere of Hazzard Hot Rods’ Big Trouble , to be expanded as Bigger Trouble with the addition of seven bonus songs. Originally released on vinyl in 2000, the set follows an early 90’s imprint of GBV featuring Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell and Larry Keller.

Automne :
-Double-disc 26-track solo record From A Compound Eye said to include « all four P’s: pop, punk, prog and psychedelic, »

-Release of authorized GBV book Hunting Accidents: A Brief History of Guided By Voices via Grove/Atlantic authored by former GBV bassist/SPIN editor James Greer;

-The second volume of Pollard’s lit mag Eat;
and As Forever, a limited 300 copy-vinyl issue by Acid Ranch, a pre-GBV collection via Rockathon

Box set of Suitcase II, unreleased recordings from Pollard’s vault; 2000’s first edition included 100 previously unheard songs amassed throughout Pollard’s lifetime

-Pollard is expected to attend the annual GBV « hoot » tribute set for March 17th during South by Southwest at Austin’s Emo’s.